Paris comes to our house!



Paris comes to our house

When people talk about modern European interior designs, we usually cling to those variants, which are similar to the traditional French decoration model. Why so? Maybe because it’s the most popular and eldest (if speaking about its developing history) the way it built-up and pretty and impressive European décor! So, if you’re up to this kind of idea, then shall we start then!

Bringing out the light and setting up wide windows! – that is the first step to create a basis for our future paris inspired décor. If you are living in an apartment, then it would be wise to use your living-space accurately and with the idea that there are few elements, which will be garnishing the entire apartment. Speaking about the Paris-inspired interior, we should also add and parquet or at least the linoleum – it should be of bright color and dark shades, which will fit perfectly. Using a lot of inartificial light allows us to pick up only a few lamps – it would be a good idea to use a big ceiling lamps.

Furniture shouldn’t be very massive and grotesque – grace and elegance is our goal. We recommend you to make an acquaintance with the most original French furniture models, available via the internet. This will allow you to make up your mind fast and buy a perfect set of French-alike furniture.


Paris comes to our house