Picking the perfect living room wall decor

Very often even the best furnished room look empty and dull without living room wall decor. You should not let your home be faceless. Picking original stuff for the walls, you add individuality and personality to your space. Many homeowners consider paintings and frames photos to be wall decor for living room.

Definitely, this type of decor exists, but in case you want to get an unusual house which does not look like a twin of your neighbor’s home, you should use fantasy. Those who travel much can create a theme wall where they can display original souvenirs brought from overseas. masters or hand-made works can brag with their masterpieces using them as decor for living room walls.The choice of colors is also important.

It is known that different colors affect human mind differently. This important feature of the color should be considered when picking decor for living room walls as well. Living room is the space where all family members gather, so it will be a poor idea to pick huge contemporary art works with large bright spots and geometric figures on them.

This room for everybody welcomes neutral, classic framed paintings if the home style is classic or white-and-black or monochrome art in metal frames when you are surrounded with things in modern style. Sometimes it will be good to make an accent wall. paint it with a bright unusual color and hang there extra large clock of unique design. Some modern interiors foresee using quotes on the walls.