Painted dressers: buy a ready-made one or paint yourself

Most people will easily paint the wooden furniture, but they will meet certain problems when trying to refresh or change the color of already painted dressers and chests. Your great old chest of drawers would match home interior, if not it’s dark stained wood and horrible knobs. After being cleaned, painted and with nice knobs your dresser will be like new again! Of course, not each painted dresser will fit into the certain room interior.

If you work at French Provence design, you can pick a whitewashed unit: it will match the interior perfectly. Vintage or eclectic living room will look more original when you place there some originally painted units. Today the painted dressers can be used as a large decor detail and the functional furniture as well.

When you need to repaint the item, you should do the following:

• wash the furniture with soap and water and wait when it is completely dry,

• lightly treat the surface with sandpaper and remove any dust,

• remove all the drawers and doors,

• using a screwdriver remove the handles, hinges, door hinges,

• using masking tape separate the areas which you won’t paint,

• protect the floor from paint (you can use newspapers),

• prime the chest and wait when the prime is dry,

• sand the primed unit,

• using a roller first and then a brush paint your dresser,

• if necessary cover the unit with the second layer of paint and let it dry,

• seal the painted drawer when it is dry.