Futon covers: for protection, coziness and unique interior design

To make modern futons more attractive and to protect them from being damaged and worn all customers are offered to get various futon covers. These covers protect futon mattresses extend their lifespan, they allow to change the hardness of the mattress.

The size of these covers may be different: they are manufactured to match the size of each futon mattress: twin, double or queen. Contemporary covers for futons are made of various materials, even natural latex.These units add the orthopedic effect to the usual futon. Such items are always waterproof and hygienic, several products are orthopedic.

You are not limited with one model of this cover used in your home. Buy or even sew several of them. each time you will change a futon cover, your room interior will be changed together with it. Modern units come with zipper or Velcro. It is very easy to take it off and wash it when your cover for futon gets some spots. All items can be washed in a washing machine: just watch the right temperature and the matching your unit’s material detergent used.

Some women adore knitting, especially when they are watching TV. Knit a nice hand-made cover for your futon. You will not only protect the mattress from spots and damages, you will create a new room design, giving it a personal look and individuality. Even a very old mattress will change its look when you give it its new “clothes” a cover which will refresh its look, enchance your interior and raise your mood.