The Painted Door

There are numerous ways to enhance any room, hallway or entryway. The quickest and easiest method would be to add paint. Consider painting just the door alone, and you have added dimension and color in an instant.

image via Designer Katie Ridder

When painting any area of the home, make sure you test that color in that space. Do not rely on the fact that your friend used this color or even that you may have used this color in another room of your house. Each area will read differently depending on the lighting in that room. Be sure test the paint on the actual door or paint a piece of white poster board with two coats of paint.

images via pinterest

Buying new doors for your home can update your home instantly and bring value to the home. When considering a new door, look at ones with decorative trim. Painting the decorative trim a contrast color adds that extra detail. Changing out the hardware is another way to bring that door to life!

image via pinterest

Designer S.R. Gambrel