Sliding Barn Doors

Given the opportunity to add an architectural element, sliding barn doors are one way to add function and detail to a home. Many times there are rooms, especially smaller spaces, that have too many doors which creates too many door swings in the room. A sliding barn door creates privacy when needed along with providing interest on the wall.

image via Dillon Kyle Architecture


Knowing that space can sometimes be a necessity, the solution can be to add a pocket door in some cases or a sliding barn door if the wall space permits. For a bath, sometimes space is limited due to cabinetry and such, therefore a sliding door is a great solution. Make it eclectic and use an old, natural wood door in a clean, contemporary room.




What can make these doors interesting is the material that you select. Old or natural wood is a great option while anything painted can add color. You may consider glass to lighten the area and keep it feeling open and spacious.










These barn doors also can be used as pantry doors in a kitchen, a door to a wine cellar, or even a laundry area.