Hidden Doors & Concealed Rooms…Ingenious!

Many homeowners strive for a focal point on a particular wall, hallway or stairwell. Sight lines need to be considered in any space or room in your home. A sight line is the line from your eye to the object you are viewing. In other words, what you see from that particular vantage point. Consider the possibility of taking a typical door or doorway and creating this hidden room. The wall then becomes a more interesting element in the room and can add visual interest and character.

 images via pinterest

My clients in this Atlanta home opted for a decorative wall treatment to hide the door to the fifth bedroom. From the view on the staircase, it appears to be a wall of decorative moulding. For the homeowner, it is the entrance into the guest bedroom. Actually, the appraiser for the house missed this room completely when writing his report. He had to return to the home and have another appraisal done for he had it listed as a four bedroom home, not a five bedroom home.

 images via Interior Walls Designs

Storage is also a factor for any home. Bookcases allow one to display favorite books, objects and accessories but they also add visual interest. Think about turning a bookcase into the actual door to the room.