What should you choose: vintage or antique lighting fixtures?

If you decided to decorate the interior “with a touch of antiquity”, then you need to pick exactly what you want – antique lighting fixtures or vintage ones. Vintage and antique are different things. Antique stuff has the history which goes back more than 50 years. Vintage style things refer to the period of time made not less than 15 years but not more than 50. Antique chandeliers will be appropriate in homes which are located in the historical part of the city.
Antique looks harmoniously in interiors with elements of historical styles. However, it will match modern apartments if they are placed in historic buildings which have preserved old-fashioned attributes. Vintage always keeps the style of its epoch. It is good for the interior in kitsch, postmodernism, art deco styles.

When you pick vintage lighting fixtures you should find the units which have the spirit of the same epoch the other interior objects have. Consider the interior floor space and ceiling height. Spacious homes welcome antique chandeliers. Small bedroom is the perfect space for placing there a small oil lamp on the bedside table or mini wall sconces.

Vintage lamps, various stylish chandeliers, floor and table lamps will match apartments in Scandinavian style, loft-style or retro. Both vintage and antique lamps and chandeliers, light sconces and pendants are met often at flea markets and specialized antique stores. Thrift store is the perfect place where you will find a unique vintage lamp.