Bedside table lamps designs

Design of modern bedside table lamps is so versatile that it seems that choosing the model matching your room interior will be easy. Meanwhile, it is not correct: the large choice “gives birth” to hesitation and concern: what if the unit I want to buy will not fit into my interior?

Today classic style of lamps for a bedside table which have ceramic or metal legs and elegant shade is the most popular one. Crystal table lamps, made in the shape of a candelabrum are also great. The modern dorm interiors welcome lamps with a chrome leg and laconic shape of a lampshade. Traditionally a bedside table lamp is a small unit, but it is used mostly as nightlight.

If you want to read a book, it won’t give you enough illumination. Contemporary bedside lamps are more practical: their height is approximately 25-30 inches. Together with a tall headboard they create a spectacular finished composition and also make your reading very convenient. Beautiful bedside tables lamps with ceramic or porcelain base will match classic dorms.

Sleeping room modern design foresees using a higher lamp, it may be black ceramic or metal units. Bedroom in off-white colors will look even more elegant and airy if you install there snow-white table lamps. The table lamp leg can be made from cast, bronze wood. Materials used today for making these units are diverse: plastic, glass, wood, metal, stone, porcelain. Buying a lamp for bedroom consider not only its design, but also power.