The main characteristics of modern living room sets

Modern living room sets have to be compact, beautiful and comfortable. Proper framework of the interior space and the screening of corresponding furniture for the living room contribute in turning the lounge into the most welcoming part of at your home and do it the ecclesiastic center of the whole family. When zoning real spacious […]

Living room art tips and ideas

The choice of living room art depends only on your taste, however, you’d better take into account wishes of all members of your family. When choosing living room artwork, you may use your kid’s paintings and art work. Offer your kids to make some art-work for their room themselves – frames for pictures, photos, trays. […]

The Latest Traditional and Contemporary Living Space Designs and Colors by Ami Designs Team

In the recent years, the traditional, contemporary, and even transitional styles become popular options that will provide any home a warm feel. In your small or large living room, the design and color will reflect your personality and provide your family members warm times together; so, try to choose what will fit your lifestyle perfectly. […]

Add value to your living room by installing a luxurious curtain

Our living room is an integral part of our homes. It is our best place to welcome guests and friends besides it is the place where we could comfortably seat watching TV, chatting with each other, reading and so on. So you may prefer have welcoming and luxurious living room which will not be completed […]

Get inspired and create your own spring living room

Spring is coming that means that the warm and the vivacity atmosphere will dominate the world. So it is time to refresh your life and get inspired with this lovely season to change your living room mood. Spring is the season of colors, flowers and lively feel, so you need to reflect these features on […]

Enhance your contemporary living room look with armchair bed

After a long day at work, or spending a long time cooking and doing home tasks, every member of the family needs to relax and calm down their stress. So you need to think wisely and be smart to add uniqueness and coziness in your living room by getting an elegant armchair bed. Why I […]

Perfect ideas for stylish living room storage furniture

The living room is your place where you relax after a long day, read or watch the TV and gather with your family and friends. When you design it, you need to combine between factional and beauty. So you need also to provide beautiful storage furniture to meet that purpose. Here are some perfect ideas […]

Create your warm and inviting traditional living room

When you are about to design your living room where all the family members gather to do different entertaining activities and enjoy discussing issues together, you have to decide what style suits your taste perfectly. If you want to feel warm and familial atmosphere with beauty and elegant look, the traditional one is the best […]

Stylish and elegant cushions for your living room

Decorating your home is so simple and funny, by little and simple things you can achieve a stunning look. One of the bright items to decorate your home is the cushions. The cushions are so popular nowadays for every single room to decorate it. The best thing about them they are inexpensive but stylish and […]

Take the most advantages of your open plan living room

Over the recent years and with the bad economic climate, the people homes become so narrow. So that they may feel so limited in their narrow apartment but with a wise decoration they can take the most of their open areas. The one of the most important areas at home is the living room where […]