Living room window treatments: how to choose the right one

  When choosing living room window treatments you need to follow some rules, which later will save your money and nerves. When picking fabrics consider the curtains stylistic design first of all, and only after it look at decorative details. Beautiful and chosen right window treatments for living room will make the area looking better, […]

Best Living Room Design

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Futon covers: for protection, coziness and unique interior design

To make modern futons more attractive and to protect them from being damaged and worn all customers are offered to get various futon covers. These covers protect futon mattresses extend their lifespan, they allow to change the hardness of the mattress. The size of these covers may be different: they are manufactured to match the […]

Small sectional sofas for any living room size

Today small sectional sofas sofas are very popular. This type of furniture for living room is very practical. Sectionals gained their popularity due to the fantastic variety of sizes, designs and materials. Some of them are multi-sectional units giving you additional space for relaxing. Modern small sofas-sectionals are flexible. You can “customize” the item according […]

Painted dressers: buy a ready-made one or paint yourself

Most people will easily paint the wooden furniture, but they will meet certain problems when trying to refresh or change the color of already painted dressers and chests. Your great old chest of drawers would match home interior, if not it’s dark stained wood and horrible knobs. After being cleaned, painted and with nice knobs […]

Picking the perfect living room wall decor

Very often even the best furnished room look empty and dull without living room wall decor. You should not let your home be faceless. Picking original stuff for the walls, you add individuality and personality to your space. Many homeowners consider paintings and frames photos to be wall decor for living room. Definitely, this type […]

Some variants of living room makeover

Changing the color scheme is the first and easiest way to make the living room makeover. You can repaint the walls, change the color of furniture or just focus on accessories (pillows, rugs, vases, figurines, frames, etc.). You can use one your favorite object as the starting point. It may be for example a green […]

The best living room arrangements

The best and the easiest way to make a living room arrangements is to draw your room and “furnish” it on the paper. There are online programs and soft which will also help you to place furniture in your room. These computer programs even can give you some ideas for living room furniture arrangement. However, […]

DIY and discount living room furniture for a tough budget

When you need to furnish the whole house, it will be natural if you buy discount living room furniture. When you have already spent your money buying the stuff for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and feel your budget is too tough, the task to by a good furniture set may become daunting. But do not […]

Choosing the “right” living room chair

Looking for a comfortable living room chair and not sure which is to pick up? Before you buy any unit, check yourself how comfortable chairs for living room you want to get are. Sit on the chair for awhile, remember the feeling you have.Then “test” another unit. Compare your feelings.If you want to buy really […]