Barn Door Designs Pictures and Ideas

Barn Door Designs Pictures and Ideas Source

For the Love of…Steel Doors and Windows

As a designer, there are many areas of a home that I sometimes feel are overlooked and under appreciated. The doors and windows have great potential and really add more character and personality than one might think. When the budget allows, consider my all-time favorite…steel doors and windows. [spoiler effect=”slide”]   Steel doors and windows […]

Sliding Barn Doors

Given the opportunity to add an architectural element, sliding barn doors are one way to add function and detail to a home. Many times there are rooms, especially smaller spaces, that have too many doors which creates too many door swings in the room. A sliding barn door creates privacy when needed along with providing […]

The Painted Door

There are numerous ways to enhance any room, hallway or entryway. The quickest and easiest method would be to add paint. Consider painting just the door alone, and you have added dimension and color in an instant. image via Designer Katie Ridder When painting any area of the home, make sure you test that color in […]

Hidden Doors & Concealed Rooms…Ingenious!

Many homeowners strive for a focal point on a particular wall, hallway or stairwell. Sight lines need to be considered in any space or room in your home. A sight line is the line from your eye to the object you are viewing. In other words, what you see from that particular vantage point. Consider […]

Solid Wood Interior French Doors

Take a look at this photo: Solid Wood Interior French Doors photo Source