Modern pendant lighting fixtures in home interior

Designers widely pendant lighting fixtures in the interiors. These units are very practical, functional, easy to install. Although pendants differ by their design and sizes, this group of lighting fixtures has one feature: all are mounted to the ceiling and many units can adjust length. It allows you changing the intensity and direction of room […]

Antique Floor Lamps Bring Vintage Breath To Your Home Interior

In spite of the fact that today modern style interior attributes are the most widely required ones, antique floor lamps always have their truthful adorers. Vintage items never go out of fashion and always find their worthy places in houses, restaurants, hotels and other public establishments. Most often these lamps are highly collectible. These are […]

Amazing Diversity Of Small Table Lamps By LampsPlus

Small table lamps have become inseparable attributes for nowadays home interiors. These lamps not only provide the light so much needed for reading in the evenings or other activities that need not that much bright lightning, but also serve as interior style accents. For instance just having glance at the diversity of most magnificent small […]

What should you choose: vintage or antique lighting fixtures?

If you decided to decorate the interior “with a touch of antiquity”, then you need to pick exactly what you want – antique lighting fixtures or vintage ones. Vintage and antique are different things. Antique stuff has the history which goes back more than 50 years. Vintage style things refer to the period of time […]

Bedroom chandeliers for smaller and large spaces

As a rule, the choice of bedroom chandeliers is based on personal preferences and characteristics of the room interior. The main rule here is simple: do not ever buy bulky chandeliers for dorms with low ceiling. A small compact unit will ideally match a room of a tiny size. Also, picking a bedroom chandelier consider […]

Bedside table lamps designs

Design of modern bedside table lamps is so versatile that it seems that choosing the model matching your room interior will be easy. Meanwhile, it is not correct: the large choice “gives birth” to hesitation and concern: what if the unit I want to buy will not fit into my interior? Today classic style of […]

Modern Bedroom Lamps

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Wall Lamps Design

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Table Lamps Design

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Lamps Modern Design

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