Bathroom Detail

When it comes to most anything, it is true that the design is in the details. Taking a space and going one step further can make all the difference. The bathroom, particularly the powder room, is the perfect room to make a statement or do the unexpected. Maybe adding some character or a much need conversation piece is what your space needs.

It is a room that can dare to be different. You and your guests will love the element of character that you so cleverly added.

Note the use of the stool and bucket to make this wall mounted faucet work in this small yet original powder room.


This horizontal wall treatment is ideal for this rustic bath. The simple pedestal and glass vessel are perfect for this room for they are clean and simple.

Wood countertops have been making their way back into the desgin scence as of late. I love the application in these baths and are a new and welcomed choice for a countertop.

The wood countertop with the integrated bowl is a work of art in this contemporary bath.

images via pinterest

Think outside of the box and use a piece of furniture for your vanity. Many companies make vanities to look like pieces of furniture but you can also use a piece of your own furniture. Most vanities in bathrooms are 30″ high to accommodate children but you can break the rules and use any height that works for you.

I think tile is a great way to add that piece of “jewelry” or “art” to a room. There are thousands of tile choices today and I even get overwhelmed when I go hunting for that perfect tile.

This black and white tile is stunning in its pattern and application. The floor is bold and daring while the curved wall has the small, stripe pattern to perfectly compliment the floor.

images via pinterest

This tiled wall is all the art you need in this bath. The hanging light fixtures are the perfect selection in my opinion. A wall mounted fixture would have taken away from the tiled wall therefore making these lights an excellent choice.

Suspended mirrors in front of this large window are ideal for this bathroom. It is a great use of space and light.

A two-sided vanity works well in a bath if you are limited on space.  This configuration can work well if you do not have wall large enough to accommodate a double vanity.